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"I'm sorry, but I can't trust you." - Anaymosaball
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De Mala En De Bolshball

"Anaymosaball doesn't even come from here!" - De Mala En De Bolsh
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Anaymosa is a country located in Northern Haida on the planet of Gaklo

He borders:

His religion is Christian, mostly Protestant. His capital is Anoyia located in the south. touching the Keta Sea.

He is part of the UONNC (The Union of Northern Countries) along with some other countries that are in the arctic circle of his planet.

== History


Anay Island

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Anaymosa was born as a 1ball and formed the Halan Heska as his first form It lasted from 56BC-79BC when The Faltan Union took over it because it was weak at that point, Later on in the southern part of Anaymosa's clay a country called Anay Jak formed and took all of south Anaymosa.

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