Anay Island

"There's only a tiny bit of info here!" - Anay Island
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"I'm sorry, but I can't trust you." - Janthaball
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De Mala En De Bolshball

"Janthaball doesn't even come from here!" - De Mala En De Bolsh
Janthaball isn't from Planet Kaid, please note that JamaicaballROBLOX might not make an edit on the page.

Janthaball is the mascot of the Wikia (as he is the tab icon.) He is located on the continent of Yadok in Planet Gaklo. His capital is the largest one and its named Gessnotolball.

Due to being split in half by Paelon, there are no roads in central Jantha that go to or from Northern Jantha or the Southern coast of Jantha, meaning that Janthans that live on the Southern coast can only travel by road to Nama De, Na, Letoti and Men.


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