"Since when did Oraklimaball exist here?" - Potsan
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De Mala En De Bolshball

"Oraklimaball doesn't even come from here!" - De Mala En De Bolsh
Oraklimaball isn't from Planet Kaid, please note that JamaicaballROBLOX might not make an edit on the page.

Oraklima is a country in North Weird Continent. He is an extremely powerful country, with a GDP of 60 trillion USD. He also influenced a LOT of Planet Ryan coutries, but got most of its influence from RSball.

Countries that he colonizedEdit


Likes Edit

  • Wealth
  • Beer
  • Tourism
  • Times Square
  • Math
  • Propaganda
  • Cuisine
  • Rodeos
  • Nukes
  • Treating SWC like shit
  • Social Media
  • Being Densely Populated
  • American Food
  • Fast Food
  • Fashion
  • Asian Food
  • News Channels

Dislikes Edit

  • Planet Earth
  • America (except for its food and cities)
  • African Cuisine (mostly)
  • Being food sensitive
  • Italians (most of the time)
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