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"Planet Gaklo doesn't even come from here!" - De Mala En De Bolsh
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"I'm sorry, but I can't trust you." - Planet Gaklo
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Planet Gaklo is a planet in the universe of Jahno orbiting Tago

The seas inside of him are:

  • Fala Sea
  • Saklo Sea
  • Anayan Sea
  • Kalfga Sea
  • Halfga Sea
  • Southern Sea
  • Atric Sea
  • Anaymosan Sea
  • Folad Sea

The tectonic plates in him are:


  • Hakela Plate
  • Haida Plate
  • Gtagian Plate
  • Jesa Plate
  • Fala Plate
  • Godo Plate


  • Southern Plate

The Continents he has in him are:

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