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"I'm sorry, but I can't trust you." - Polandball Made-up Countries Wiki
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Welcome to our wiki!

Welcome to Polandball Made-up Countries Wiki! Here you can make your own country and make your own universes/ earths with the countries! Or make alternate countries that already exist.

What the wiki's style is

This is a Polandball-themed wiki and must have the polandball design, if it isn't the page will get all of the information off its page, so please, make it polandball themed. Its fine if you add the flag and the map of the country It MUST atleast have a countryball!

Use this page to understand how it should look: Anaymosa

The person behind it...

Hello! I'm Jamaicaball on roblox. I've been playing roblox for almost 6 years I'm a fan of polandball and like making up my own countries for fun I even have a game for them! Its called My Alt maps RP 2!


Please read this to get an idea of what to do and not what to do!

Maps of Planets

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